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Play Acting Interview with Rachel Lim Shuling co-author of 'I am divine, so are you'

Today we want to talk a bit about your new book called 'I am divine so are you'. What would you like to, If you could just summarise, what would you share with us about it

This book, I am divine so are you, my sister and I co-wrote it. We just want to share our journey of how we came about to understand we are divine. And, you know it really, It comes from our heart as a message, a message from the divine, through us, through you to everyone who reads this book. That you know we are all actually divine beings, you know the more we remember that, the better the world becomes. Yes, so I would say that that is the summary of what our book is about, we share that journey, it is a very human journey. A divine being having a human experience yah and we hope that by sharing our journey, then everybody out there who reads it, they get to also accept more of their own journey, to not judge their journey as being bad, or wrong or too tough or too difficult, there's no such thing. We just want to share with people the real honest truth of what being a divine being means. It's not about like you know sitting in a cave and meditating all day long and not seeing anybody at all and just never having any challenges as all. You're totally enlightened and you have no more problems ! It's not like that at all. That's what we're really sharing.

I guess you mean that after going through on this journey, your life has definitely changed. So could you share with our listeners, like maybe in one way that your journey has become even better and your circumstances have become improved after this journey.

I would say, before we embarked on this journey, that we were very lost. As to who we are, in fact we kept looking for outside advice, you know help from outside to affirm what we knew within. You know, we didn't trust who we were, we didn't trust our own wisdom. And so that journey of discovering that we are divine, helped us actually to instead of continuously looking outside for help, to look within for the help. And that's a lot more powerful and I'm sure everybody will discover that it is so much more powerful to find the wisdom from within or even to ask questions and allow divine to bring the answers to you. You don't necessarily need to feel that you are powerless or helpless, there is always help available to you. So I would say that we moved from a point of feeling that we didn't know what to do, and we were so helpless and we had no idea where to take our business. And then we stumbled, in a way stumbled or in a way really were asking so loudly to divine 'what can we do' or 'how, what would it take for our business to flourish and grow and become even more prosperous' and this is the guidance we received. Write a book, called 'I am divine so are you'. And so that is precisely how our life has improved, how our business has improved. Everything has become so much easier, it's all become so divine, you know like we just meet people along the way who are like excited to help us, and like excited about our message, sometimes even more excited than us about our message. So we find ourselves receiving help all along the way, we don't have to it by ourselves anymore and that's opened up an entire new world for us.

Thank you Rachel, and previously you mentioned about life still, you know has its ups and downs, has its challenges, so could you also share with our listeners one of the challenges you had throughout this journey.

I think like one of the challenges, OK one of the challenges we had was, you know my sister and I, we found that running a business, two people running a business, is a huge challenge, you know, when you're by yourself, it's easier to make decisions, because there's only one person involved. And then there's like there's two minds, and it's all so confusing. So that's one of the challenges we faced and the breakthrough really occurred when we thought out of the box, when we really accepted divine help instead of like trying to use our minds to solve something. We like gave up, we surrendered, like oh my gosh we can't do this by ourselves, we need help, oh my gosh divine help us. You know, and that's the thing, like that was one of the really breakthrough challenges that we had.

So I hear that you had challenges in coming to working together, and how did you use divine energy to make things easier?

I think we both, you know prayed ,very hard, individually we prayed and we came together and we prayed. We set intentions, we ask each other questions, we did our best to be as vulnerable as possible, as honest as possible. It was not easy, it was really really tough, you know, but umm, so that was what we did.

Ok, thank you. So lets talk a bit more about how everyone can use divine energy and to acknowledge themselves and recognise that they are too infinite beings.

From my experience, it starts with practice, you know like I think most of us, I don't know if all of us, but I think alot of us, we're not born and brought up in a way that says 'ok . that you know today its time to meditate and connect with the divine'. You know, ok while maybe i'm speaking because I come from a relatively non-religious family, we don't have those type of practices. But yah I think it starts from there, you set the intention, you desire to connect more with the divine, and then you do your best to make space, make time for that to happen. You know, for me it always happened, it always started when I was alone, in my bedroom at night and you know I would Ok, instead of reading a book, instead of surfing the internet, instead of watching a video, you know, like be quiet, and make space and time for the divine to really connect. Really listen. And I think especially in the beginning for me, I had to write. You know, I couldn't just trust what I was hearing. I needed to write it down to see for myself that 'oh so this is what the divine is saying'. And to really like re-read what I wrote, to be able to accept that this seems to be not me, it seems to be like a greater wisdom to this. Like the things I was writing was not something I would normally say at all. So where does this come from? Along the way, as you learn more and more, you come to realize that it was the divine speaking.

So is that what you would encourage people to do? To start with prayer, and to start getting in touch with divine and to start having a conversation to find out more about how, about what the divine has in store for them?

Yes. I think start with prayer. Ask. Specifically ask, say 'Divine. Please help me.' 'Please, I would like to connect with you. Please show me a way to connect with you.' And I believe like you know your listeners here today, the reason why they even come to this, is because they have already asked. You know, they're just finding a way to get connected even more, even more even more. And so I will say, take it the next step , you know like write, or sing or, you know, I think everybody comes to understand, to connect with the divine in a very unique and special way. Some people may dance, some people may sing, it really could be anything. It could even be like washing the dishes, or hanging the clothes. I find that sometimes I do connect with the divine by hanging the laundry, or just taking a walk in nature, I think that really helps a lot. I don't entirely understand why, but it always works.

So, I'm hearing that maybe you have to do some activities that can clear your mind, and help you to be more open rather than be busy, you know rushing to and fro from something. Is that correct?

Exactly. You've really hit it on the nail. Like it's to slow down your life, don't, I think a lot of times we use busy-ness to prevent ourselves from connecting with the divine. Like as if we are afraid to have a connection with the divine. We're so programmed not to do that, we're so programmed to rely on ourselves. So yah slowing down and opening up a space to allow the divine to connect to you and for you to connect to the divine, communicate like talk, have a conversation, ask all the questions you've ever wanted to ask. Like you know 'why am I here? Tell me why' like 'what is the purpose in all of this?'. Having, opening up that conversation. I think like for me, it's like the divine has been the best friend I've ever had. Like it never lets me down. I always have somebody to talk to because I connect with the divine.

Ok thank you. And maybe could you share with us some of the different chapters you have inside the book like roughly what do you share on this journey, or do you have some tips that you can share about getting connected and how to make it more personal about on your personal journey. Helping our listeners you know make this divine being journey more personal for them.

So like one of the things that we share in our book, is to use the mirror work. You know, because you are divine, you know that's what divine looks like. When you look in the mirror, that's what divinity looks like, that person staring back at you in the mirror, that's divinity. So that's one thing we share, you know, to use mirror work, When you look in the mirror, look deep in your eyes, and say 'I love you'. 'I love you I love you I love you I really love you'. And this exercise you know when I first did this exercise, I felt really uncomfortable, so uncomfortable, and after that, doing it again, I cried and cried and cried and cried. It somehow was like a recognition, you know, like a longing and a waiting for someone to affirm that they loved me. And in the past, I went looking for it somewhere else, when actually I was always waiting for me to give it to myself. So it's really the divine giving love to the divine. And that's kind of like the best way, use the mirror and there you are staring at the divine and then speak to the divine, like that. And start with 'I love you' because that brings down so many barriers. If everybody met and the first thing they said to each other was 'I love you', like imagine what the world would be like. Like if you got into a car crash and the first thing you come out, you said 'I love you'. I mean that would like shock people and it would be harder for people to argue.

Wow I love that and we all love when somebody else says 'I love you' and we can all do with telling it to ourselves more often and not have to wait for somebody else to tell us and we can actually tell it to ourselves and receive even much more gratification from that.

And I think that it also starts from there. Like first you start telling yourself that you love yourself and it makes it easier for you to start telling other people 'I love you' as well. Either you start telling other people you love them first, or you start telling yourself that you love yourself first. But I really invite and encourage everybody who has never done that before, to look in the mirror and say 'I love you' to yourself. If you've never done it then, you must do it, it's an experience that you know I really, I hope for everyone to have. Cos that experience is so divine. So divine, well you have to do it. Don't die and not do this. Don't die and not look at yourself, look into your own eyes and say 'I love you' to yourself.

So I hear that divine energy comes both from outside yourself in a higher wisdom and also comes yourself, om within, is that what you are saying?

Yes. In fact, there's this saying that I like which is that 'the best place to see God is in everything and everyone'. So when you start to recognize and allow yourself to welcome that truth into your life, then you start to begin to see everyone as being divine, start to see every event and circumstance as divine, and you know your life really becomes transformed. Every moment becomes so blessed and so gifted. You know for me sometimes I don't even know what to do with it, I just feel like crying because iI'm so grateful for the life that I have. Everything that everybody does, even if my father were to say a harsh word to me, I feel that that is so divine, And you know some people may think that's insane, somebody is being mean to you, but to me I don't see that at all. I just see it as oh my gosh this is the divine speaking to the divine and how does it get even better than this?

Mm I see. Wow. To see yourself as not only being connected to divine energy but to really know that the divine energy also radiates from within.

Yah. And you know from within everyone. You see the divine in the other person. Even your enemy, when you start to do that, your life really transforms, you become so gifted. And so blessed that life is such a gift. You feel so blessed for every moment. And that's really the feeling of being connected and in communion with the divine cos that's exactly how the divine feels. The divine feels so grateful for everything that is happening, occurring, every moment.

Ah ok so we're running out of time, so Rachel could you please give us some last few words you would like to share about your book 'I am divine. So are you'.

Okay, so umm in this book 'I am divine, so are you', we share with you what we have come to understand about what being divine means. So if you don't understand what it means to be divine, and you are looking to be more in divine in your life, and how you can be even more loving towards yourself and towards the other people in your life, then I highly highly encourage and invite you to take a look at our book and share part of our journey, part of our story and like allow it to also become part of your story cos we are really excited about our lives. We feel so excited, so blessed and we just know anybody who reads this, who invites this into their life is also inviting the divine into their lives. So we're very excited.

Ok. Thank you Rachel, and so that brings us roughly to the end of our conversation. You can find out more about Rachel and their book at their website at prosperitysistersbeasyness.com and you can also check out her blog as well as send her emails and get in touch.

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