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Play Acting Being Interviewed About Our Book

Sueyan and I have been asking the question : What can we do to help our business grow ?
The answer we received is to write a book called "I Am Divine, So Are You!"

Since we didn't know how else to start, we asked the Divine for help and inspiration.

In short, we used Audacity to record interviews with ourselves ! Keke FINALLY! We are allowing things to be a lot more fun and spacious ! This is what we really have been asking for. More ease. More joy. More fun. More glory. More space and expansiveness in our lives and in our business! And the Divine has answered ! How does it get even better than this? What else is possible?

So here is the transcript to my interview with Sueyan...

So welcome everyone today, to the prosperity sisters live radio show. We are very excited today because our special guest for today is Sueyan Lim Shuyan, the co-author of the book called "I Am Divine, So Are You!"

Thank you so much, Sueyan, for being here today. Reading this book, "I Am Divine, So Are You!" I felt so inspired by your message. It made me realize that there is something much more to being who I am right now. So can you share with us, where you received the inspiration to create this book?

I think you read the book, and you felt very inspired from it, which means Divine energy really touched you and created a spark that resonated with you. Which is why you feel very inspired by hearing this message, and the reason why we came up with this book is because we wanted to share our journey with other people about how we learnt to use the divine energies and how all of us are equally available to make use of the divine.

Because in the beginning, we learnt a lot from many other teachers. And they spoke about this Divine energy. And in the beginning, it was very confusing because it felt like this very strange, unattainable goal, that you had to be special, in order to make use of it. But then, over time, we realized that all of us are divine and being able to learn how to tap into divine energy and to use the natural laws of the universe to create what we desire and what we want to achieve, is a much more easy way, and much more fun. And more inspiring way of achieving your dreams.

What was it like before you started on this journey?

Before I started on this journey, because I didn't know any better, I thought life was really great. In fact, when I started to get in touch with Divine energies, things even got slightly harder in the beginning. It felt like I'd opened up a new can of worms. There were new challenges and new things to look at... and new ways of looking at things. And it didn't necessarily make my life easier or make any of my problems go away. But it gave me a lot of new tools to handle the different challenges in my life. And gave it an easier, more constructive way of handling the issues I had, as compared to using my mind to try and battle with myself. In order to overcome those challenges.

So what I'm hearing from you is that even when you are connected to Divine energy, even when you recognize you are a divine being, you still have all these challenges in life. Am I right to say that?

I think we come here to this Universe to experience all sorts of experiences. And that's what makes life fun... to have different emotions. Different challenges in life and learning how to overcome those challenges and to be triumphant, have a good time and learn how to feel better along the way through certain situations. Like learn how to deal with hurt and trauma in better ways, that are more helpful and loving to yourself.

So I don't really think it's like a quickfix. Like we don't actually come here to receive any form of quick fix. It's not like you suddenly transform into this super perfect being. We still continue to be on a journey of learning more about ourselves and learning more about how to love ourselves, and feel good, no matter what sort of obstacles pop up along the way.

So what would you say are the benefits of recognizing you are a divine being?

The benefits are really to open yourself up to much, much more possibilities in your life. To know you  are not confined to your background, or your past experiences. But to know that because you are connected to the Divine, you are an infinite being that can surpass all your limitations and go past whatever expectations that you have about the life you are meant to live. Really create something that you want. Something you feel very satisfied with.

Are you saying when you recognize you are a divine being, it gives you the energy to overcome any seeming obstacles that you thought you might have had in the past...?

Yes. I think a lot of people get into the habit of giving up halfway because they feel that it's too challenging... getting stuck in a lot of limitations... and limited ideas about they can achieve, what they can do, who they can be. And by really opening yourself up to divine energy and allowing yourself to be an infinite being, it can help you to be more aware and really give yourself this confidence and knowledge that it is possible. And not just resolve to your seeming fate.

You become willing to accept that fate is something for you to create. It's not a pattern that you're going to go down. It's not just a straight road... that as you keep walking, you can make choices to turn, to make your path smoother.

So this thing that you said about giving up, are you speaking from personal experience? How have you used divine energy to stop yourself from giving up?

Before I started on this journey, my instincts were : if things get too difficult, or too challenging, then I would think "Oh it's not meant to be. It's not fated. Things are too hard. I should just give up now and try something else which is easier, and I'll be more likely to succeed."

But then once I started to learn that I am divine, I learnt that if I don't overcome the challenges in this situation, or in this experience, then even if I decide to move onto something else, then these same challenges will arise again and again if I don't go and face them.

So are you saying that in the past, you might have had certain desires that you chose to give up on, and now you've made a new decision about that?

Yes. Previously, I wanted to pursue a career as an athlete - be a professional golfer. And I think not knowing how to tap into divine energy really hindered me. And even caused me to feel very depressed because I wasn't aware of what I could do to feel better about it. Or how to make my situation easier for myself.

I was trying to solve everything on my own. Figure out my own solutions. Thinking that I had to do everything on my own. But when I really opened myself up to tune into divine wisdom, I learnt that it actually didn't need to be so hard. That there could have been an easier way for me to achieve those goals.

So does it mean now in your business, that you feel very blessed and gifted by the Divine?

In business, sometimes, you never really know what is the best decision to make. And there are endless possibilities. There are so many ways of going about doing business; So many successful businesses have very different ways of achieving their success. It could be MacDonalds, or Apple, and it's very different types of business models. Very different markets that you are in.

And I really learnt that by listening in to the Divine, it becomes much easier and much clearer. When you tune into some of these more divine energies that can help you feel more clear about your business. And really listening into the finer, subtle intuitions that you get.

As compared to without being tuned into divine energy, it's easy to get very lost in all the different possibilities and options that you have, without having the stabilization of being in touch with your divine self. It's easy to get very confused and not be able to get centred back onto a task.

So what I hear is that without the guidance of Divine, then you actually end up doing your best to follow other people's models of success, rather than doing your best to carve out your own model of success... something that works uniquely for yourself... Am I right to say that?


So what's your experience like? Give us an example of how you use the divine to run your business?

We use many different forms of using the divine to make decisions in our business. One of the ways we do our best to stay connected to Divine energy is to set our intention. We ask divine source energy to help us, and be with us. In any of our meetings or to help us make decisions. Things become much clearer when both people set the intention to use divine energy together.

And it makes it much easier to come to a resolution, or decision, especially when there are two people involved.

But that just sounds like your imagination! And how do you trust that the inspiration or the thoughts  that you are receiving are from the Divine, and not from some other unholy entity or something?

In some ways, I think that Divine energy can really seem like your imagination. And often, maybe it even is, because it often sounds like you are talking to yourself in your own head, right?

And sometimes if you doubt that the message comes from some other unholy source, you can ask yourself whether this message feels good to you or not. If the message feels like it's a weird kind of energy, and you don't trust it, then it's likely that you are right. Because using divine energy is a lot about getting in tune with your own body, your own emotions, your own intuition about certain things.

So if you really feel that things are not right, then, you can follow through on this hunch that this information is not coming from a good source. If the message comes from Divine Energy, it always comes with a loving voice. It always comes with a positive message. And will always give you the feeling of being uplifted. And that's how you usually tell that you're speaking with Divine energy, and you're using divine energy to get the wisdom

But have you ever received messages from an energy that is not divine energy? Something that you perceive is not divine energy?

For me, I feel that at times when I feel very impatient, then the voice that speaks back to me is usually from my own head. When I'm stuck in a not so good feeling place that I am. Like maybe anger, resentment or fear or sadness. And then without taking myself out of the situation, I stay too caught up in my emotions and I start to have this sort of chatter, a conversation in my head which I think is the divine, but it actually ends up to be myself scolding myself...

So the critical voice, or the monkey mind, as some people call it...


So are you saying in order to connect with the Divine, you need to be in a certain kind of space. Like are there certain rituals that you need to do?

For me, I think it doesn't have to be so complicated to get in touch with divine energy. But maybe for some people, in the beginning, for people who are not so in tune or able to sense energy or able to feel the different feelings in your body, then, my suggestion is to be in a quiet space, be comfortable. And sit and meditate for a while.

But I think if you have been doing it for awhile, as long as you are open to getting in touch with the divine energy, usually just taking a few deep breaths will help you to clear your mind. Just taking 5 deep breaths, which is something we usually do... will make us much more connected to the Divine energy.

So just taking 5 deep breaths? It's just that simple?

Yes. It is that simple. Some people think that it must be very complicated. That you need to do a ritual, have a bath. Really, it's just about making sure you feel comfortable.

If you feel you need to tidy up the place, then you can do that. If you want to wash your hands, do it. Just do something that makes you feel much more comfortable, more relaxed. After that, just take 5 deep breaths and make sure that you consciously try to get more relaxed. And that will help you get more in touch with Divine Energy.

You talked about getting in touch with your intuition. What is this thing about intuition?

Intuition is related to certain sparks or inspiration that you have certain thoughts that come to mind. Sometimes, we feel they are just too random. Certain things are too random. They pop into your head and it's like... where did that thought even come from?

They may be subtle messages. It may seem very random but it's a response that just comes up. Somebody says something and you have this response. That's your intuition.

Is the Divine also intuition?

I've learnt that when it comes to intuition, your intuition is very much linked to the divine. When it comes from your intuition, it always comes out as a positive message. It's different from being psychic.

If there's any message that you want to share with our listeners, what would that be?

We are all special. We all are divine beings. And everybody can definitely learn how to get more in tune with their divine energies. And use them to have an easier and more fun life!

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