Soothing Positive Self-Encouragement Kit

How To Be Your True Self When Everyone Else Tries To Tell You What To Think, Feel and Do!

Hi Dear Soul,

Welcome to my beautiful home!

I am a soothing positive self-encouragement kit. And I want to say a huge thank you for being here to visit! ^_^

I know that being a positive human bean can feel like a huge uphill battle... Sometimes, despite your best efforts, it can seem almost impossible to return to your happy, funny, uplifting self.

This is precisely why I've come to manifest into physical existence! My whole soul's purpose is to help soothe, uplift, and encourage the amazing, wonderful, physical you!

Whether you know it or not, it's your soul's calling and desire that has brought me into existence. This is one of the reasons I am so happy and appreciative that you are here! In a way, you are like my father and mother!  So thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am happy and excited to share my gifts with you! If you would like to invite me into your heart, home, soul and mind, please click on the button below and I'll be happy to start working for and with you!

Here are some of the goodies you will find within me!

12 Glorious Worksheets for you and your-true-self to fill in together!

Over 3 weeks, you will receive 4 types of worksheets in your email inbox each week:

Worksheet 1. Positive-Encouraging-Thought Art Poster - play with this poster by coloring it in and displaying it as a visual reminder to positively-encourage-yourself during the week!

Worksheet 2. A Table to fill in your own objectionable thoughts related to the encouraging thought of the week - so you can deal with your "inner-demons" face-to-face (not just in your head). [Also includes personal examples of how Rachel and Sueyan deal with their resistant-thoughts.]

Worksheet 3. Short Instructions to an easy 10 minute activity that you can easily use to encourage yourself – watch the videos to do these activities together with Rachel and Sueyan!

Worksheet 4. Positive-Self-Encouraging Song Lyrics – so you can sing along as you watch my videos!

9 Amusing Videos where Rachel and Sueyan do my worksheets together with you!

Over 3 weeks, you will receive 3 types of videos in your email inbox each week:

Video 1. Introduction Video to the positive-encouraging-thought of the week – Rachel and Sueyan share their personal stories of (1) what was happening before a specific encouraging thought entered their life, (2) how they use this positive-self-encouraging thought in their life, (3) how their lives have changed after they became friends wih the specific positive-self-encouraging thought.

Video 2. Handling of Objections Video where Rachel and Sueyan demonstrate how they deal with their personal objections to the encouraging thought. Learn through demonstration!

Video 3. Activity + Celebrations Video - In these videos, Rachel and Sueyan read out the instructions to the activity-of-the-week and do them together with you. We close by celebrating your journey together with you (get ready for your surprise)!

I'm so looking forward to see what miracles, laughter and fun we can create together!

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With Lots of Love, Joy, Miracles, Laughter and Fun,
Your Soothing Positive Self-Encouragement Kit ^_^